Recent Work

LearnerNation is an e-learning software startup with a focus on corporate training located in Miami, Florida. As their Marketing Director I have worked on several projects that required copywriting skills, working with outside contractors, and managing a very tight budget.

New Website
LearnerNation had an operational website when I joined the team, but there was a general consensus that it didn't do a very good job of explaining who we are and what we actually do, and of course we couldn't have that!

We were lucky enough to find the lovely and talented web designer Kristin Faulker and she has far exceeded our expectations! She and I worked together to map out the design and layout of the site, I rewrote all of the existing copy for the site, and added in several new pages in order to improve our SEO and better convey how we, as a company, add value to our clients.

Check out our brand spankin' new site here!

LearnerNation is constantly developing new features and we wanted a way to share all of our exciting news with our current and prospective clients, so we launched our e-newsletter in October! 

October 16th Newsletter: What's New from LearnerNation!
November 2nd Newsletter: Everything New from LearnerNation!

Sales Sheet
As an organization we were severely lacking in actual marketing materials, so I took on the task of developing a one sheet. I selected a graphic designer from a large field of candidates with a fantastic portfolio who was gracious enough to work with our budget, wrote all of the copy for the double-sided piece, and provided the general guidelines. We were VERY pleased with the results and now all of our sales agents are using it at their sales pitches.

eBook Project for Mommy Blogger Outreach

In my position as a Link Building Outreach Specialist, I am workd on a giveaway campaign targeted at mommy bloggers. I developed the mommy ebook giveaway campaign because, as a family-oriented company, USB Memory Direct was interested in giving moms something unique and useful during the hectic back-to-school season.

After developing the idea for the campaign, I did some initial outreach to gauge interest in the giveaway. After we received positive feedback, I began aggregating content from around the web, as well as creating our own original content. I contacted all of the original sources of the content to request permission to use their images and link back to their original blog posts.

I then created targeted outreach lists and wrote list-specific emails to reach out to people we hoped would share our content. Then we took the landing page live, announced the giveaway, and waited to see what would happen! The campaign received over 500 links and social shares and quite a few people ended up with a free flash drive and ebook!

Austin UltraHealth

Austin UltraHealth is a Functional Medicine Clinic that treats patients suffering from a variety of ailments including Celiac disease, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, food sensitivities, brain fog, Candida, and others using an integrative approach to medicine that combines biomedical and traditional protocols.

As their former Assistant Practice Manager, part of my job was to design, edit, and produce monthly newsletters to keep patients and supporters informed and involved in what the practice was up to.

Below you will find a small screen shot of one of my newsletters. To view entire newsletters, click the links below.

Manos de Cristo

Inspired by the Christian ideals of service and compassion, Manos de Cristo promotes dignity and self-reliance by providing essential oral care, furthering educational development, and meeting basic needs with food and clothing.

This video highlights their dental clinic and shares personal stories of some of the clients.

This video highlights the education program and features an interview with one of their volunteer ESL instructors.

Eastside Community Connection

Eastside Community Connection is a University of Texas student-run nonprofit that offers food pantry services and adult education programs to lower-income residents of East Austin.

I created this video for ECC to utilize on their website.